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Cockroach Control gel has special ingredients which attracts cockroaches. Because of this gel used by Pest Control Hyderabad cockroaches go back to their nest and die.

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Pest Control Hyderabad first visits the site and sees if theres any termite or not? If the termite is found. House right round above the tiles skirting for every 1 feet 1 drill of minimum {4 to 5 inches} drill will be done which is of minimum 75mm to 100mm depth.

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Bed Bugs

Pest Control Hyderabad inspects the premises first to determine the location of infestation. After the inspection pest control service gives you quick-relief treatment from bedbugs and gives you a very immediate relief.

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Wood Borer

Wood borer are wood damaging insect that damage structural and furniture wood. All wood users are at risk to wood borer. To avoid such risks Pest Control Hyderabad are experts at control of wood borer.

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Pre Construction Treatment

Termite chemical will be sprayed two times after that Pest Control Service close the holes by dipping the chalk piece in the chemical. Finally, white cement finishing will be done

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Flies are not just nuisance. They are a major cause of deceases sufferings & economic herd ships around the world. They are known to be involved in the transmission of more than 65 deceases to humans alone.

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