Pest control Hyderabad is giving you some small information about Bed Bugs

They got their name Bed Bugs because they are commonly found in beds it can also be found in other places like hotels, airplanes, buses, trains etc.

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Physical Features of Bed Bugs by Pest Control Hyderabad.

1. Its size is ¼ inches.

2. Its common shape either flat, board or oval.

3. Its common name is Bed Bugs

4. Its colour is normally rusty brown after sucking blood it turns red.

5. A Bed Bug has 6 legs.

6. Bed Bugs do not have Wings but it has Antenna.

7. Bed Bugs belong to Animalia Kingdom.

Diet: -    Bed Bugs can feed on blood on any warm-blooded animal. Its most common targets are humans. It unlike animals because animals have fur on their body whereas humans have lots of exposed skin so that it can bite easily.

Habitat:-    They are typically found in beds and small cracks.

Impact:-    When it inject the skin with its saliva(keeps the blood from clotting) and an anaesthetic(from feeling the bite and moving). Bed Bugs bites can become red, itchy welts.

Prevention:-    After return of a trip wash all your clothes even those have not been used.

Bed Begs are very hard to see, so if in case you have Bed Bugs give a call to Pest Control Hyderabad. So, that they will solve your problem as fast as they can.


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