What's the most effective way to kill ants that enter your home? To answer this question, it is important to first know the species of ants that are invading, and then consider a few key points ofants control :

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Ants are better controlled thanks to an integrated program of prevention, exclusion and control:

1. Clean up spilled food and crumbs from floors, cabinets and pantries, getting in corners and along baseboards.

2. Sweep and clean floors regularly.

3. Do not leave any pet food after the animals have finished eating. While animals need water to be available, you should limit water sources as much as possible, especially if you think you have an ant problem, and until you can control it.

4. Empty garbage cans and clean garbage areas regularly to prevent buildup and odors.

* If you recycle, always rinse items before storing and store them in pest-resistant, lidded containers. If possible, store containers outside and away from home

* If you recycle, always rinse items before putting them away and store them in pest-resistant containers with lids. If possible, store containers outside and away from home

* Fix leaks inside and outside the house and eliminate common water sources around the outside of the house

* Because ant spraying kills only foraging workers, spraying rarely succeeds in killing ants. The main exception is when direct spray from a nest is applicable, such as with fire ants.

* So, it is recommended to use bait. This is because most ants in the colony, including the queen, never leave the nest. They feed on food brought back by the worker ants, which are responsible for finding food to feed the entire colony.


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